Screened in Porches, Sun Rooms, Decks, and Patios

The outdoor areas around your home are the perfect places to entertain friends and family, or just relax and enjoy the natural beauty outside your home. Wether you are trying to greatly improve your outdoor patio space, enhance the look and feel of the space underneath your deck, or want to screen-in your patio to create a 4-seasons room, Midwest Renovation can help you create the perfect outdoor space!

How can we transform your Outdoor Living Area?

Under Deck Ceiling

If you have a porch or a raised deck with space underneath, you can greatly improve that living area through the installation of an Under Deck Ceiling. The ceilings are made of a specially coated aluminum to help redirect rain water and create a dry space underneath your deck. The panels come in a variety of colors too!

Roller Shades

Another great way to increase the time you spend outside is to have roller shades incorporated into your existing outdoor spaces. If you want some shade on a sunny day, no problem! If you want to keep the bugs out, no problem! Roller shades are a great way to drastically improve the time you spend outside. And did we mention, these shades are motorized!

Night-Out LED Strip Lights

Another enhancement you can make, is through the use of LED Strip Lighting. These LED strips are weather-proof and can be cut to fit any room, no matter the size or shape. They can be installed in the ceiling as accent lighting, or as walkway lighting to help you see at night. The strips come in multiple color options, are dimmable, and are even remote control operated!

When all three of these products are paired together, you will have a completely transformed outdoor living space that we know you will love for years to come!

Midwest Renovation LLC, has over 100 years of experience in central Missouri renovating and remodeling houses; from doors & windows, to kitchens redesigns, to a complete remodeling of the entire homeAs a whole home renovation company, our help can extend well past enhancing your outdoor area and we can fix any home issue that you are seeing.  Contact us today for a free estimate on your project and see why we have great ratings and reviews!

We are proud to be Authorized Dealers of Rain-Out Under Deck Ceiling products and accessories. For more information about Rain-Out Products and Accessories, click here: Under Deck Ceiling.

Rain-out patio roof protection
Rain-Out Products applied by Midwest Renovation

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